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    20 September 2022 08:00 AM      09:30 AM

    Register here to join us at our Project 13 Capable Owner online event on 20th September 2022 at 9am BST.
    Following the success of our first event, ‘What does it mean to be a Capable Owner?’, the Project 13 Capable Owner Pillar team are now delving deeper into the ideal makeup of a Capable Owner team at their next event on 20th September 2022 at 9am BST. With a wide range of perspectives, we’ll be exploring how an organisation can mobilise a broader mix of diverse talent to achieve its aims based on the matrix of individual capabilities.
    Join us  to hear some direct experiences from:
    ·         John Grimm, National Highways Smart Motorways Programme with the Project 13 Enterprise team perspective, will share the journey of the latest Project 13 Adopter to create the enabling environment to attract and retain individuals with the right capabilities.
    ·         Stewart Craigie, part of the British Antarctic Society’s supplier ecosystem, with a supplier’s perspective, including exploring how the supplier can bring innovation earlier in the process.
    ·         Jo Theobald, Public Sewer Services, will bring an individual’s perspective on how curveball talent can make an impact from someone with a non-traditional background.
    You can find out more about the Project 13 Pillars: Capable Owner, Governance, Organisations, Integration and Digital Transformation in the Project 13 Network - a vibrant, knowledge-sharing community for all those interested in delivering infrastructure differently.
    Andrew Page (Co-chair)
    Lucy Howard (Co-chair)
    John Grimm
    Stewart Craigie
    Joanne Theobald

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