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What does it mean to be a Capable Owner?


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7th April 2022 9-10:30am

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Join us at our Project 13 Capable Owner event to explore the key steps and desired individual skillsets to becoming a Capable Owner in your projects. With expert research and industry examples from Project 13 adopters, we will discover how to adopt Capable Ownership into your organisation to effectively deliver better outcomes.

The Capable Owner pillar is one of five Project 13 pillar’s that come together to create an enterprise model for infrastructure delivery. This model brings together owners, partners, advisers and suppliers, working in more integrated and collaborative arrangements, underpinned by long term relationships. This is the first of a series of events around the Project 13 pillar groups: Capable Owner, Organisation, Governance, Integration and Digital Transformation.

We will be hearing from Andrew Page on his research into the six key steps to being a capable owner and how Anglian Water are following alternative routes for financing, designing, building, and operating assets that their customers rely on in their daily lives. This will be followed by industry examples from Project 13 adopters, Sellafield and Scottish Water, where we will learn about their journeys in adopting the Project 13 model and how they overcame any challenges whilst doing so.

As part of its wider role, the Capable Owner develops sustainable enterprises built on long term business to business (b2b) relationships. Traditional hierarchical relationships are replaced with aligned and collaborative b2b relationships, with a collective focus on delivering the outcomes required. The right partners are selected based on capability and behaviours and work within incentivised value-based arrangements.

Enterprises are brought together to deliver the outcomes required (customer and societal) and to enable business performance. The focus on outcomes provides a back-to-back alignment through all parts of the Enterprise. Capable Owners can articulate the required outcomes, with processes in place to ensure these outcomes effectively represent the requirements of customers, community and society. A capable owner will be able to describe the asset performance required to achieve these outcomes and will engage with partners and stakeholders in delivering outcomes and asset performance.

Through best practice assembly and exchange, community engagement through this portal, and opportunities to get involved in the debate, the Capable Owner pillar explores the following key areas of capable ownership to maximise the potential of their infrastructure systems:

  • Articulating the voice of the customer.
  • Being value driven in mindset.
  • Articulating the voice of operations.
  • Relating to the supply chain.
  • Creating complex systems.
  • Recruiting, building and retaining talent.

Join the Project 13 community and the Capable Owner team to find out more.



Lucy Howard

Andrew Page

Richard Lennard

Paul Sexton

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