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Delivering Enterprise models in the UK rail sector

Kevin Tozer

An aligned Enterprise approach has been gaining momentum for the delivery of outcomes within the infrastructure sector.

Instead of the traditional delivery model which includes multiple tiers of suppliers, clients and stakeholders each with their own organisational boundaries creating a barrier for communication and a hinderance to joint performance, an Enterprises integrates the appropriate parts of all organisations who have an influence on the successful delivery of the outcomes. This streamlined and highly effective Enterprise is a key theme for Project 13 and a focus of its Organisation pillar.

A survey undertaken of suppliers, owners and investors within the Rail industry in 2022 concluded that there was a knowledge of the benefits of an Enterprise approach, but the best practice was in pockets across the industry, and those not in those pockets asked for guidance of how to co-create an effective enterprise.

Utilising the extensive reach  of Network Rail, Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and the Rail Industry Association (RIA), a day conference and workshop was held to bring together some of this best practice into one room to identify the key themes of effective Enterprises. With good practice also being in other industry sectors, the Project 13 community brought their insights into the conference.

The targeted outcomes for the conference, which resulted in the co-creation of the guide titled Delivering Enterprise Models in the UK Rail Sector (download below), were as follows:

-       Industry shared learning

-       Best practice input from other sectors

-       Establishment of key language and understanding

-       Co- development of a ‘guiding mind’ on Enterprises without imposing a standard solution

-       Best practice, benefits, and challenges

-       All to feel comfortable to speak openly

-       Business to Business, Peer to Peer discussions - not master servant

The customers, owners, suppliers and investors who attended would like this best practice to be more widely adopted and see it as a start to how to deliver better, together, rather than the full solution. There was a commitment to hold another conference in 2023 to improve upon the best practice enterprise baseline set in 2022.

Please reach out those mentioned in the guide if you would like further information.


Delivering Enterprise models in the UK rail sector.pdf

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