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Project 13 Capable Owner Event: Collaboration for Innovation

Amy Reed-Gibbs

Project 13 Collaboration for Innovation: The case of Wolsingham Sewage Treatment Works

REGISTER HERE to join us at our Project 13 Capable Owner online event on 28th March 2023 9am - 10:30am GMT

In our third event of the Capable Owner pillar group webinar series, we show how collaboration in line with Project 13 principles enables innovation by the ecosystem. This webinar will build on learning from our first 2 events: What does it mean to be a Capable Owner? and Changing the Capability Mix, by centering around the case study of the Wolsingham, Co. Durham Sewage Treatment Works.


The Wolsingham, Co. Durham Sewage Treatment Works required significant upgrade to continue to meet customer needs. The principal partners, Northumbrian Water, Tilbury Douglas, and Wood Group, worked in the context of a 5+5 framework agreement to achieve nearly 70% off-site construction, complemented by significant budget and schedule savings. Key learning points  from the case will highlight:

- Collaboration does not yield innovation immediately, but requires the development of trust over time;

- The importance of including representatives of operations in the innovation process;

- The need for owners to set clear expectations to which the ecosystem can respond.



Andrew Page, Anglian Water (chair)

Graham Winch, Manchester Business School

Shane Davis, Yorkshire Water

Richard Seales, Northumbrian Water

Michelle Johnson, WSP

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This was a fascinating webinar as demonstrated by the 1 hour Q&A session that followed and we still didn't get through all the questions. I appreciate my question being aired and the great responses that were honest, reflective and insightful. Sounds like some great organisations working in Water in the north of England. Well done to all concerned.

I'll be sounding my barbaric yawp over the rooftops on this one as I think it holds many templatable guidelines for future capable owner endeavours.

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