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  1. Melissa Zanocco, Head of Programmes, Project 13, provides an update on the growing number of Project 13 adopters. 2020 was an important year for Project 13: its partnership with the World Economic Forum, a growing community and, most significantly, the continued increase in Project 13 adopters. From the initial four early adopters I began working with shortly after the launch of the project in 2018, the adopter group has in 2020 expanded to 13 infrastructure programmes. The group now includes: Anglian Water Strategic Pipeline Alliance Environment Agency Next Generation
  2. Melissa Zanocco, Head of Programmes, Project 13, discusses the importance of the alignment between the Construction Playbook and the Project 13 Principles to the transformation of the industry. Project 13 welcomes the publication of the Construction Playbook, which aims to embed a new approach to the procurement and delivery of construction projects and programmes. As well as aligning with the overall Project 13 approach, the Project 13 principles are recommended in several places. The Playbook contains 14 main policy changes to drive the government’s agenda of "better, faster and gr
  3. 2021 will see continuing impetus in the partnership between Project 13, the World Economic Forum and the Engineering and Construction Risk Institute to improve the quality and performance of infrastructure projects through the adoption of collaborative delivery models. Project 13 was initiated by the UK’s Infrastructure Client Group. In partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF), Project 13 aims to help underpin collaboration, particularly as the world looks to infrastructure investment as an important part of the recovery from Covid-19. Governments looking to stimulate econo
  4. With Project 13 The Infrastructure Client Group is creating a community of infrastructure owners and suppliers committed to change and to unpicking the UK’s productivity knot through new models of working Published: 27 March 2017 The UK’s productivity is poor compared to other G7 countries – 35% behind Germany and 18% behind the G7 average. From Transactions to Enterprises outlines a new approach to large project management. It moves it from a purely transactional to community model, which will help to tackle the UK’s productivity problems and deliver major benefits to the publi
  5. By signing up, early adopters show a commitment to changing working practices and creating a new approach to delivering infrastructure projects. Published: 20 November 2018 Network Rail and Sellafield Ltd were announced as Project 13 Early Adopters at an event at ICE’s London headquarters yesterday. Early Adopters are organisations which commit to implementing the Project 13 principles on a programme or project as part of a strategy to delivery better customer outcomes. For Network Rail, this will be its next-generation track alliances: North Alliance (Scotland Route); C
  6. A major ICE-commissioned review explains how systems thinking can be used to improve the delivery of complex infrastructure projects, citing the Project 13 approach and the Principles underlying it. Download A Systems Approach to Infrastructure Delivery The current approach to delivering complex infrastructure projects is facing obsolescence. The sector is struggling to deal with projects that require complex systems to be planned, delivered and, most importantly, integrated to provide the mobility, energy, sanitation and other infrastructure services on which people depend.In these
  7. Mark Hansford, ICE director of engineering knowledge, explains why Project 13 is central to efforts to rebuild a more productive, sustainable construction industry post-Covid-19. Led by the Infrastructure Client Group and supported by ICE, the industry-wide change programme Project 13 is intended to improve outcomes for the public and infrastructure customers, deliver a more highly skilled, innovative workforce and create a more sustainable, productive construction industry. The collaborative enterprise business model officially moved into its implementation phase in May 2018. Back t
  8. Project 13 has formed an exciting new partnership with the World Economic Forum. What does this mean for the future of the initiative? Following constructive engagement throughout 2019 and at the recent World Economic Forum (WEF) Industry Strategy Annual Meeting, Project 13 has been selected as a flagship initiative supported by the WEF’s Platform for Shaping the Future of Energy, Materials and Infrastructure. The partnership This new partnership represents a significant and welcome step for Project 13. It demonstrates that the principles first set out by the Infrastructure Cl
  9. What are the Project 13 principles and how can they be applied? In the two years since the publication of the original report in 2016, Project 13 developed from an initiative to a movement. The direction advocated by Project 13 in Transactions to Enterprises clearly resonates across a broad swathe of our industry. This has led many organisations to test their capability and strategy against the initiative. The formal early adopters have committed to use the Project 13 approach to deliver all or part of their programmes, including Sydney Water as the first international adopter.
  10. ICE and government representatives share how Project 13 principles can be put into action in New South Wales. Published 29 March 2019 The Australian infrastructure industry has gained more insight into Project 13 and NEC thanks to a visit from senior ICE, government and NEC4 representatives. ICE, international law firm Minter Ellison in Perth and Michael Ward, British consul general and UK Department for International Trade in Sydney, recently hosted two boardroom discussions led by ICE Director General Nick Baveystock, Steven Evens, Australia NEC representative and Peter Higgi
  11. Australia's Sydney Water joins the UK's Anglian Water, Environment Agency, Heathrow, National Grid, Network Rail and Sellafield in adopting Project 13. Published: 25 March 2019 Nick Baveystock, ICE director general and chair of the Project 13 board, has visited Sydney Water, the first international early adopter of Project 13. The director general met with Mark Simister, head of delivery management at Sydney Water, to learn more about its journey in embedding Project 13 and the early lessons learnt that could prove useful for the wider early adopter programme. Project 13
  12. Project 13 aims to establish a new enterprise-based approach to deliver better results for the public and customers of infrastructure. Published: 1 May 2018 ICE and the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) have launched Project 13 to improve the way high-performing infrastructure is delivered and managed.The industry-wide change programme aims to deliver better outcomes for the public and customers of infrastructure, a more highly skilled, innovative workforce and lead to a more sustainable, productive construction industry.Four organisations have been announced as ‘Early Adopters’ of P
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