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  1. Thank you Adam for this report, which as stated is focussed on the skills and experience required by the leaders of Owner organisations, a role that I have been undertaking as an accredited NHS Project Director for many years. One question for me that arises after reading it is that, although not mentioned in the report, 'what role do you think that integrity plays in such a role? ' I did in fact prepare an earlier response illustrating this question with an example drawn from experience but it appears to have disappeared from you system (which is itself of concern if time and effort being put into responding to such matters). Regards Dennis O'Keeffe FRICS FCIOB FICE C.Eng www.linkedin.com/in/dennis-o-keeffe-a75a8315/
  2. Thank you Simon - history is such a powerful tool - much to reflect on as we all move towards Industry 4.0. Regards Dennis O'Keeffe MSc MBA PGDip FRICS FCIOB FICE CEng https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennis-o-keeffe-a75a8315/
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