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‘Introduction to Project 13’ training now available

Melissa Zanocco

Access ‘Introduction to Project 13’ training here

Project 13 is pleased to announce the launch of the Project 13 training module ‘Introduction to Project 13’. The module explains the Principles of Project 13, how it works and how it will change the way major projects are delivered. It is succinct and can be used as an induction for those joining an organisation or Enterprise, as well as for those bidding to join one. It has been created through a collaborative process, led by the Project 13 Supplier Community and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), including workshops and feedback sessions.

There is growing recognition that employees need to be continuously up-skilling, or 'new-skilling', in a range of capability areas as the industry evolves. The training therefore sits on a portal on the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) website alongside other relevant training to create a one-stop shop; for example: similar explainer modules for the Cabinet Office’s Construction Playbook and Infrastructure & Projects Authority’s Transforming Infrastructure Performance. The training is free and users will need to create a free account with the SCSS to access it. The training has been approved for CPD points.

This is the first module in a suite of modules that are being developed. Future modules will provide a deep dive into specific areas within the Project 13 Pillars and Principles, based on learning since the launch in 2018.

Commenting on the launch, Dale Evans, Chair, Project 13 said: “The launch of training is an important step in the evolution of Project 13 and its effort to create a more sustainable future for the construction industry, with a more highly-skilled workforce and infrastructure that represents better value for all. The significant contribution by CECA, the Project 13 Supplier Community and stakeholders from across Project 13 reflects the highly integrated nature of the Project 13 movement”

Tony Gates, Chair, Project 13 Supplier Community, said: “The Project 13 Supplier Community has consistently raised the need for Project 13 training so I am delighted to see the launch today of the first module. Ensuring the training meets the needs of various stakeholders has been a key objective of the group.”

Alasdair Reisner, CEO, CECA, said: “CECA has been pleased to lead this work as it helps with achieving one of CECA’s aims to help its members and the wider industry to meet their future skills needs and achieve better productivity for the sector”


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Really useful to have this to help introduce Project 13 to others. I've checked it out myself and found if you register with the SCSS website so you're logged in using any email, and then go back through the link it comes up easily, and is simple to click through. 

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