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How are we going to fill the gaps identified by the Digital Benchmarking Survey? Listen here

Melissa Zanocco


Listen to the launch of the Digital Benchmarking Survey 2021, powered by the Smart Infrastructure Index, to hear how some of the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) Digital Transformation Task Group and Project 13 Adopters are improving their digital maturity. 

As well as the cross-cutting themes from the results, the launch event included case studies and reflections from Anglian Water, Environment Agency, UK Power Networks, the Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) cross sector digital twin project and Infrastructure & Projects Authority's  Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030 (TIP).

Gaps and how to fill them

Melissa Zanocco, Co-Chair Project 13 Adopter Community and Digital Twin Hub Community Council, Andy Moulds and Anna Bowskill, Mott MacDonald, highlighted the key findings of the report and demonstrated how the quantitative data backs up the qualitative data, providing evidence to help with making stronger business cases to Boards.

The report has highlighted two gaps and possible solutions for filling them. They are:

  1. The gap between the amount of data that we now have at our disposal but the fact that it is not reaching the decision makers in a timely fashion so that they can make better decisions. The data points to silos within organisations and poorly organised information as being possible causes of this. The DTTG will therefore be focusing on Common Data Environments and Digital Operating Models to ensure the right data gets to the right people at the right time in order for them to make better decisions leading to better outcomes. 
  2. The gap between the senior leadership understanding that there needs to be investment and then actually unlocking that investment. The articulation and quantification of benefits is something that the DTTG members are still struggling with and so it a key area that we will be focusing on as it helps to persuade the Board and unlock that investment.

Cross-cutting themes

There were five cross cutting themes that reflect the gaps but also where good progress is being made:

  • More data not yet translating to better decision-making: While the data available to organisations has increased significantly, 86% think poorly organised information still inhibits full value realisation.
  • A need to focus on digital skills: A better understanding of the digital skills gap is required to ensure current and future capability needs are met to enable successful enterprise-wide implementation of strategies. Currently 54% of organisations simply don’t understand their skills gap.
  • Acknowledging the need for investment: This is now widely recognised with 87% of digital transformation strategies now sponsored by executives. Showcasing visible benefits is a key next step with 70% struggling to demonstrate the value required to unlock this investment.
  • Organisations becoming more resilient: Responses to internal and external hazards – a key priority for the DTTG for 2021 – has significantly improved, with 85% having evaluated the ability of critical assets to operate under adverse conditions and developed contingency plans.
  • Closer alignment to customer outcomes: A customer-centric approach has driven greater alignment of business objectives with customers. 93% now state they have a clear line of sight between business objectives and customer outcomes in their strategy. Outcomes are a focus of the Construction Playbook, Our Vision for the Built Environment and TIP and so this is welcome evidence that the principles are being put into practice.

Best practice in action

Mark Enzer, Chair ICG’s Digital Transformation Task Group and Project 13 Digital Transformation Pillar, then led a lively discussion with the panel (pictured), as well as answering questions from the audience.

You can read the report here (you will need to be registered on the Project 13 Network to access it)

You can listen to the launch event below. The slides below accompany the update from Andy Moulds and Anna Bowskill, Mott MacDonald, at 12:40 in the recording



ICG Digital Benchmarking Report Launch Webinar Visual.png

ICG Project 13 Digital Benchmarking Report Presentation Slides 15.06.22.pdf

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