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Project 13 launch will improve how infrastructure is delivered

Adam Kirkup

Project 13 aims to establish a new enterprise-based approach to deliver better results for the public and customers of infrastructure.

Published: 1 May 2018

ICE and the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) have launched Project 13 to improve the way high-performing infrastructure is delivered and managed.

The industry-wide change programme aims to deliver better outcomes for the public and customers of infrastructure, a more highly skilled, innovative workforce and lead to a more sustainable, productive construction industry.

Four organisations have been announced as ‘Early Adopters’ of Project 13, forming an implementation group to share experiences and learnings of the new principles.

The Early Adopters are Anglian Water’s Capital Delivery Alliances, the Environment Agency’s Next Generation Supplier Arrangements, Heathrow’s expansion and National Grid’s London Power Tunnels project.

Robert Jenrick MP,  Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, speaking at the Project 13 launch said:
"We are investing record amounts in infrastructure to help boost our national productivity and build an economy fit for the future.

“But we are clear that we need to get the most out of every penny of taxpayers' money we spend and the construction industry has to do more to close its own productivity gap if we are to succeed.  We welcome this important industry response that will help drive improvements."

Dale Evans, Chair of the ICG and Director of @One Alliance said: “We are pleased launch the implementation phase of Project 13. This project has bought together individuals and organisations from across the sector and within government to think seriously about how we can better provide infrastructure for the future.

“We hope that industry will embrace this approach so we can begin working towards a more sustainable and productive future for our sector.”

Nick Baveystock, ICE Director General said: “The launch of Project 13 is the chance for industry and government to change how we deliver our infrastructure. Developed between industry, clients and government over a number of years, Project 13 places customers at the heart of our national infrastructure programme, focusing on the social and economic value infrastructure can provide over the long-term.

“We look to government to continue to support a solution developed by and with the industry with all the potential benefits for the public and the taxpayer. This is a win-win. We should just ask ourselves why wouldn’t we want to use Project 13 principles to deliver better value?"

Project 13 is sponsored by the ICG with support from ICE and is aligned with current UK government and industry initiatives to improve infrastructure performance. The ICG is a joint group of industry figures, academics and infrastructure owners with 19 members from 16 different client organisations. These represent public, private and regulated infrastructure sectors including Highways England, Network Rail and National Grid.


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