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Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030 sets the context for the Project 13 Principles to thrive

Melissa Zanocco

Dale Evans, Chair Project 13 and member of the drafting team, explains how the Project 13 Principles align with Transforming Infrastructure Performance and how it supports the creation of  outcome-focused, collaborative delivery models.

Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030 (TIP) published today, sets out a clear direction for infrastructure and recognises the role infrastructure plays in ensuring people and places thrive. It is recognised that the current transactional model for delivering major infrastructure projects and programmes is broken. The outdated transactional approach prevents efficient delivery, prohibits innovation and as a result fails to provide the high-performing infrastructure networks that businesses and the public require.

Doing things differently

TIP offers a different direction and is prepared to tackle the restrictive practices embedded in the industry. By focusing on people and nature thriving, building on the Construction Playbook and Our Vision for the built environment, TIP contains a concrete Action Plan to ensure the right environment is created to enable better delivery. The opportunity offered by Enterprise models like Project 13 and digital transformation can be realised more fully, achieving benefits for society and nature.

Our Vision highlights that this is the right time for change: we know what best practice looks like, we understand the opportunity from digital transformation and we now have the opportunity to deliver differently. Made up of the Built Environment Model, five Focus Areas and an Action Plan, TIP is committed to putting these better ways of working into practice and making them the norm.

Focus Area 1: Delivering new economic infrastructure to drive improved outcomes for people and nature

As with the Construction Playbook, Government has consulted widely with industry and the result is the richer for this consultation. Focus Area 1 is most aligned with Project 13 and illustrates why the Enterprise model is most effective in responding to the system of systems that make up our built environment:

"Aligned outcomes and corresponding incentives: Greater impact from investment, at the societal level as a direct result of outcome-led and value-based decisions. Greater realisation of benefits that industry can bring through innovation. Adopters of Project 13 are demonstrating how engaging partners to deliver the required outcomes and aligning reward models accordingly, enables a broader system perspective, for example opening up opportunities to incorporate the optimisation of existing assets alongside the delivery of new assets and also enabling modern methods of construction."

Project 13 is looking forward to working with Government and the industry to implement TIP. The need for change has never been greater and we can only do it thorough collaboration and concerted effort.



TIP Infrastructure Outcomes 13.09.21.png

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