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Watch Here: Data & Digital Benchmarking Report Launch Event

Melissa Zanocco

Watch the launch of the Data & Digital Benchmarking Report 2023 below to hear a run through of the results of the survey and reflections and case studies from a panel of thought leaders from across the industry.

You can access the Data & Digital Benchmarking Report 2023 here (you will need to be registered on the Project 13 Network).

The Report, produced in collaboration with Mott MacDonald, surveys members of the Infrastructure Client Group Digital Transformation Task Group, including Project 13 Adopters. This year the survey boasts:

  • More responses than ever before
  • Revised questions to ensure greater relevance for organisations and the industry
  • Suppliers included for the first time
  • Case studies illustrating the findings

The report identified four overarching cross-category insights:

  • Shortage of regular collaboration within and across enterprises.
  • Poor data quality restricting the ability for individuals to consistently make effective data-enabled decisions.
  • Traditional business models restricting the transformation of new processes and ways of working.
  • Lack of focus on data integration causing duplication and information loss at system boundaries.

Jodie Lunnon, Mott MacDonald, and @Melissa Zanocco, Project 13, ran through the results of the survey. @Mark Enzer, Chair Digital Transformation Task Group, then chaired a panel consisting of:

Roy Dahl - described how Scottish Water has formed the capital investment Digital Leadership Hub in order to help in achieving its goal of getting to site 50% more quickly.

@Nigel Stroud - explained that Heathrow is running near full capacity and so its focus is on making incremental gains while maintaining smooth business operation with the help of its Digital Asset Delivery Roadmap.

Yiu-Shing Pang - talked about how UK Power Networks has adopted a digitalisation strategy that prioritises resilience, agility and targeted efforts. It employs an Integrated Data Governance System which coordinates a community representing all departments within the organisation, facilitating a two-way dialogue between the users of digital tools and the owners of the digitalisation process.

@Miranda Sharp, Metis Digital - focused on the value of data - we are no longer just talking about the value of the tin that the data sits in but about the exploitation of data assets.

@Anna Bowskill, Allora Infrastructure - reflected on her time supporting the DTTG for the last few years and particularly picked out the thread of needing to use more accessible language around data and digital. 

You can watch the launch event here:



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