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Watch here: Project 13 / nPlan Trust Panel Discussion

Melissa Zanocco

Watch the Project 13 Network / nPlan panel discussion on the topic of how to accelerate the building of TRUST. 

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The transactional model for delivering major infrastructure projects and programmes is broken. It prevents efficient delivery, prohibits innovation and therefore fails to provide the high-performing infrastructure networks that businesses and the public require. Our current processes, systems and relationships have led us to a culture in which we are regularly in conflict with each other and we do not raise issues until it is often too late to mitigate risks appropriately. 

The Project 13 Principles, the Cabinet Office’s Construction Playbook and the Infrastructure & Projects Authority’s Transforming Infrastructure Performance all call for long-term, collaborative relationships.  Trust is a huge component of building collaboration, but people cannot build trust just by saying ‘trust me’ or writing it into a contract. 

@Melissa Zanocco chaired the panel discussion and talked about how a Project 13 Enterprise is set up to help with building trust.

Beth West, CEO East West Rail, talked about the ‘Trust Equation’ and how clients can build trust with their supplier ecosystem – trying to change the parent-child transactional, relationships.

@Tony Slater, Programme Director, National Highways’ Smart Motorways Alliance, talked about building relationships and trust at the lower levels of the supplier ecosystem below what we would traditionally call the Tier 1 and 2s.

Dr @Jas Kalra, Associate Professor of Operations & Project Management, The Manchester Metropolitan University and member of Project 13 Supplier Engagement Community talked about his research into building trust between suppliers and gave examples of it in practice.

Andy Brown, Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Anglian Water Service, described the lessons he has learned from his community engagement work for Anglian Water – building trust with the public and getting their feedback and input to Anglian’s business plan and projects.

Dev Amratia, Co-founder and CEO, nPlan, gave practical examples of how having the right data changes the discussion that can be had between various parties, including between the project and the Board looking for investment or between clients and suppliers building trustworthy relationships more quickly.

ACCESS the recording here – you will need to enter your details.

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