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  1. The Project 13 Supplier Community exists to support businesses that are looking to get involved in Enterprise delivery models promoted by Project 13. To support this, the Project 13 Supplier Forum has run workshops and meetings, allowing discussion and sharing of good practice. The Forum has also committed to develop an annual report on experience of Project 13 from a supplier’s perspective. The aim is to use the survey as a way to measure if Project 13 is helping to make the industry more sustainable from a supplier's perspective. The findings of the first survey, carried out last autumn, make for positive reading. They show that most respondents were aware of the Project 13 Principles, even if they were not yet involved in an Enterprise. Two thirds of those who were involved in Enterprises said that they would be very likely to speak positively of their experience. Respondents said that they welcome the alignment, collaboration, shared vision and focus on whole life outcomes promoted by Project 13. The model was also deemed to have been more resilient to recent shocks such as Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine. You can read the full report here (you will need to be registered on the Project 13 Network to access it):
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