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Watch here: Project 13 Supplier Report 2023 Launch Event

Melissa Zanocco

Watch the launch of the Project 13 Supplier Report 2023 below to hear a run through of the results of the supplier survey and reflections from a panel of thought leaders from across the industry on the results but also their personal Project 13 journeys.

You can access the Project 13 Supplier Report 2023 here (you will need to be registered on the Project 13 Network).

One of the outcomes the Project 13 global industry-change movement hopes to achieve is making the industry more sustainable overall, which includes ensuring that suppliers have more sustainable relationships. To measure this, the Project 13 Supplier Engagement Community carries out an annual survey. The report covers:

  • Awareness and understanding of Project 13 Principles and progress on putting them into practice
  • Experience of Project 13, including behaviours
  • Dealing with change in Project 13
  • Project 13 and productivity

@Alasdair Reisner, Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), and @Melissa Zanocco, Project 13, ran through the results of the survey. @Tony Gates, Sir Robert McAlpine, then chaired a panel consisting of:

  • @Natalie McIldowie, Jacobs, described her experience of being in an Enterprise, compared to other models, and the elements that make the experience different or better.
  • Duncan Elliott,  Sellafield / Morgan Sindall, focused on the value that comes from partnership working and true collaboration as well as some of the key enablers that help facilitate its success.
  • @Florence Julius, Deloitte, brought out the benefits she has identified and the value achieved from the Project 13 approach, as well as her experience advising Clients.
  • @Darren Colderwood, Mace, talked about his perspective as having been both on the client side as well as the contractor side and the different behaviours he has observed.

Alasdair Reisner explained why CECA is a partner of Project 13 and supports the Supplier Community. The panel then answered questions from the attendees.

You can watch the launch event here:


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Very insightful session today. It was great to hear from all the panelist on their experiences and also have the opportunity share my thoughts on the survey results.

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